• Image of Dzonu Bead Bracelet - Afi

Elastic band fits most wrists.
Beads are each individually designed and painted. No two beads are the same, so go on and show off your arm-swag with a combination of stacks!

Afi - Means born on Friday.
Limited edition and limited stock. #MadeInAfrika

Dzonu (Pronounced Jo-nu) in the Ewe language literally translates to 'fire thing' because the beads are created through fire. Our storytellers say that the beads were showered down from the gods in the sky to the grounds and some were embellished with gold specs when they hit the ground. They are seen as blessings from our ancestors.

Beads have a long history in the Afrikan continent. Originally used as currency for trade and in ceremonies to celebrate rights of passage, birth, marriages and life. The Krobo tribe in Ghana are known to be the original producers of beads. Today, they have become a fashion statement and a symbol of pride in the culture and history.

Beads are an important part of our feminine and masculine adornment, reflecting our status and providing protection.

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