Hi Edem, I just wanted to let you know how much we love the black soap and shea butter! It has made a huge difference to my kids skin which was super dry. The coconut shell is a real novelty for the kids too :)

Thanks so much, I'll be putting in another order soon.

- Katherine

"As a mother of two robust boys, one a two year old, the other a baby, I couldn't live without our wrap! When we go for walks, I can easily put it in a bag or wrap it around myself and pull it out when needed! My older son loves it! We have also used it for impromptu picnics as a rug or as additional cover on the pram! There's even been a time that it's been worn as a superhero cape! Such a simple and affordable item!!"

- Andrea

"LOVE LOVE LOVE your shea butter!! So perfect for sensitive baby skin, shaving, cleaning, smelling good... EVERYTHING! Love that there's no nasties so the small people in our house can use it!"

- Sam

"I bought my husband the black soap to use for his shaving bumps. He's only been using it for about a month now and the bumps have really disappeared! I don't want him to stop using it! god sent." 


“My skin has never felt so clean! I love this soap especially as a makeup remover!”

- Hope

"My wife and I have been using the shea butter for about 3 months now instead of our usual moisturiser and we can notice a vast improvement to our skin… and our sex lives! - haha, jokes, but seriously, a beautiful product though. Thankyou!"

- Michael

"I find the shea butter a little rich as a face cream, but works wonders on my hands and feet as they get really dry. I've been using it every morning and night and also in the foot spa as you suggested - damn, that’s some good stuff!! DIY home spa, love it!"

- Liza

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Shea Butter. I have been using it on my feet at night and noticed such a difference! My feet have never been smoother and softer before :)

- Susy

"Love the beautiful fabric designs too! Thank you, Vintage Muse. x"

- Skye

I found Vintage Muse Shea Butter. It covered all my concerns, could be delivered within a short time and at such short notice it was as affordable as I was going to get…. With me, presentation goes a long way and this clay pot made me appreciate that I had paid not only for the product I wanted but for a beautiful recyclable original container. I can not tell you the amount of Shea butter plastic containers that I have used over the years and as much as I have attempted to recycle each one, let’s be honest; clay pot container trumps a plastic container.

- Mukuka 

I especially love the packaging, using what looks like old school African clay pots – what a beautiful touch.

- Vimbai

'Thank You for my Beautiful new Massage bed cover [ BADU Afrikan Wrap], loving it xxx'

- Capryce

'Ok so I finally tried the Black Soap and it is amazing! My skin feels beautiful and not dry or 'squeaky' like normal soap. Stoked I got it'

- Courtney